Peer Video Presentation Review Blog

I viewed Audrey’s Mortgage training Project “Sagent” overview video presentation. Audrey had a professional looking slide presentation with smooth transitions and a consistent theme. There was good use of multimedia concepts and her use of color caught my attention and aided in refocusing my attention as she moved through her presentation. She read from a […]

Finished Project Reflection of Outcome

I’m so excited for the outcome of my Instructional Design. My Project A, Chordal Keyboarding Skills for Guitarists, a one-day workshop for experience guitarist turned into my Project B continuation with a three-day workshop teaching; chord triads, 7th chords, chord inversions, chord progressions including the 12-bar blues progression as well as scales. All these things […]

Innovative Keyboarding Skills

My final instructional design project for keyboarding skills for guitarists is a three-day event workshop for experienced and advanced guitarists. The workshop combines aspects of multimedia, live instruction, sandbox collaborative learning experiences and jam sessions. I have examined my design project and found that I have utilized several of Mayer’s principles of multimedia learning; coherence, […]

My experiences creating Project A from Start to finish.

I started my first project, with a very general question. How would I teach an experienced guitarist how to play the piano? Would I start with primers that are built for students with no music experience? As a teacher, in my private studio and public-school system, I have “met my students where they were” and […]

What does it mean to self-regulate?

There are many books on the market now that teach or talk about how important self-regulation is in everything from weight loss and maintenance to success in family, school, and work.  Self-regulation includes skills such as setting both short- and long-term goals individually, and in group settings establishing common goals. Identifying and articulating learning needs […]

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