Peer Video Presentation Review Blog

I viewed Audrey’s Mortgage training Project “Sagent” overview video presentation. Audrey had a professional looking slide presentation with smooth transitions and a consistent theme. There was good use of multimedia concepts and her use of color caught my attention and aided in refocusing my attention as she moved through her presentation. She read from a script for her presentation. Reading from a script ensures that you cover all the material desired but can become flat sounding. It takes practice to have a conversation tone when reading a script.

I read from a script for the beginning of my presentation then talked through the course materials in a more personal conversational approach. I like the use of a colored background theme for the presentation, however, I felt that in my instructional design, having a background “theme or color” would be a distraction. I felt like there was a lot of grey but when she added color, it really drew my attention.  In my current position as a virtual teacher, we have been trained that background colors can affect contrast and cause problems for accessibility for those with visual disabilities. Not sure if there would be any conflict, but I chose to be cautious and keep my backgrounds white. Some of my diagrams have a lot going on and I didn’t want the extra distraction. I may try out a background theme to see if it works or not. My slide presentation is mostly graphics, that my participants will use to know how and where to place their hands and fingers for playing on the keyboard. The instructor will be talking through the material, so there is very little to read on each slide.

In all, Audrey’s presentation is one that I would expect to see in Mortgage training. It sounds like she had a successful experience and product. Congratulations.

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